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One of the most important in life is being able to have a feeling for other people. Respect is a big thing we have to follow. It’s the most expensive trait a person should have. Being soft to people is a must do. You would never say things that make a person feel bad about themselves. Always strive your best that you won’t be able to make other people sad. A lot of us sometimes can’t hold our horses to get mad with someone especially if we are going through a lot. And sometimes we regret it in the end. Raising our voice to people can affect them a lot. We never know that they are going through a bad day and we just add it up. No matter how bad our day was or mad, it’s not right to make other people experienced it. There’s a lot of toxicity and negativity in this world and I hope we don’t add it up. We have to take note that life is not that easy and people have problems too. The problem is what we experience today some time we blame it to people around us. We have to balance things out and see how things went wrong. it’s not fair that we keep making other people life miserable just because our life is miserable too.

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Being gentle to people can bring sunshine to their life. You never know that they way you are treating them gives them a hope that someone is still believing in them. What you show to people sometimes affect in many aspect. the more you are being kind and generous, the more you see the beauty of the world. sometimes we have to understand that life is unfair and it’s not in our hands to give punishment to people. No matter what they did to us or make us mad because of their actions, before making a move or being so hard to them you have to give yourself a time to sync in everything. in that way you are being calm to handle the problem. you have to understand that other people feelings are so fragile and even a small act of rudeness can broke their heart. Being gentle means the world to some people. Maybe you are the one they find peace in their life. Being gentle gives other people the chance to strive hard because you are there for them.

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And see how being gentle change the world. This world is now full of fake and pride people. The rich live well while the poor becomes a lot poorer. Do you ever get the chance to think why they never go up? Because their mind is fix that society is harsh and they will never be respected at all. Being gentle to them makes them feel that they exist. You have to give that softness in them. let us help each other to live in a fair and just world.

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