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Scott Edward Adkins

He is a very talented actor who has been in popular action films like Undisputed and Undisputed 2. His action style is intense and very serious. He first acted in Hong Kong, where he honed his skills as an actor and began a humble career as a Martial artist. He gained experience by the top Hong Kong artist at the time, and that is when a big break is started to happen, in 2000 he was offered the first major film in his life. He worked his way to a few scenes in hit TV shows. That is when he developed the image of a tough person who does not say much as a fighter; hence, Boyka was created. He is a tough prisoner who has a perfect sense of justice and does not need money in life.

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Gary Edward Daniels
He is an English man who is not just an expert in martial arts but acting and producing. His experience with martial arts runs deep within his veins because he does not only act he has been through real high-level competition and became a champion. He has become a legend in England because of the victories that he has made in his kickboxing career. He went into the United States to pursue his career as a martial artist and became a successful one. He won 33 battles and became a legend in the scene. That is when he started his first few roles in the movie industry, which significant. It is hard to deny his talent as an actor in martial arts as he is a champion in real life.

Raymond Park
A legend, especially in the nineties, was featured in popular films that have given birth to a cult following. He has been if a few original Star Wars movies. The ad, his career does not end there. He is also in American classic films like in GI Joe and x men. He is born in Scotland in a tiny town. But that did not stop him from pursuing an outstanding career even though it was close to impossible to achieve it in the first place at that time. His passion for martial arts was made him a fan of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Sophia Crawford

She is a martial artist and is well known in her career as a great stunt double showing off his high-level skills in viral films. She is very popular in the Philippines and recognized as a master in fighting scenes in original movies like power rangers.

Adrian Paul Hewett

He is a very charitable person who has appeared on popular TV seriously like the high lander. He is born in England, but his career did not start only in acting, but he was an excellent choreographer and a dancer. He is a very athletic and capable person.

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