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There are plenty of scenarios where it is difficult to talk to a woman, especially if a guy has a romantic motive. It adds a layer to the difficulty sometimes rather than speaking to a woman plainly without any romance. But the general rule would be to keep a conversation going. Even though it might be tough to think of a topic sometimes. It is crucial to avoid an awkward moment with someone, especially for the first few moments. It is not going to be a big deal all of the time, especially when there are still lots of opportunities ahead, and a guy knows it. A cute impression cam starts with the ability to talk loosely to a person and not give off negative energy that might put her on alert. It’s not always easy to do, especially when it comes to men who are not experienced when it comes to dating.

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the next level of conversation 

there are still topics that can give a dull vibe, and it can be a giant turn off to a lady. General issues might feel like the way to go. But it is a common thing to ask where you are from, especially when it is still the first moment that she is having a conversation with a guy. Most of the time, the answer would feel forced, and it would be hard to bounce back when it gets to that point. It is a struggle to have to keep on answering annoying questions all of the time. It is hard to find a man who thinks very quickly when it comes to conversing with a lady and instantly pique her interest. It is a rare trait to have, but it is a skill that can always be achieved or have a little bit of training and development.

failure and humiliation

an active person who always is on the hunt when it comes to ladies can still struggle, but it would be essential to note that to become better at speaking to women. Taking on failure is always going to be part of the story. It is not going to be an easy conversation all of the time. Some try is just in the wrong time and the wrong place, and not all people can do it correctly. Even though some failures only cause too much humiliation on a guy sometimes. It is still very important to let go of the pain and think of it as a game. There is always going to be a winner and a loser. Sometimes it’s just hard to put oneself out there because the last try was a giant failure. A man can always think to stop trying anymore and learn to accept the terms of reality. But it is not an excellent option to have, especially if a guy dreams of being good at talking to women.

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