Using The Internet To Market Your Music

Internet has been used all over the world to make things possible. there are many people who have reached the top with the use of internet. its one of the biggest platform to promote any kind of business and boom in a second. ever since the internet was discovered it brought a lot of change in humanity. it’s been there to help everyone to ease their pain longing for their loves one miles away from them. Internet has been the way to many happy endings in human’s life. Internet has been the reasons of business success. There’s a lot of things internet has brought to us, either good or bad depend the way we used it. a lot of people now a days has been discovered because of internet. it’s one way to make things easier and get fame.

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A lot of people now without going through a lot of process to be known because with social media everyone will get to know you. The power of internet has grown through the years, with its billions of people seen it as useful. Well basically internet makes everyone’s life easier. it’s is the reason of many successful people now a days. If you want to market something and have small amount in pocket, using the internet could be the first step. if you knew how to use the internet it’s possible to gain lots of followers and likes.

Many bands now a days who’s never seen in TV but really famous in internet. these people are called internet sensations where they get fame through internet. You can became an international artist in one snap. By just uploading your music in Facebook or YouTube since its two of the most used app in the world, you will surely get that fame of yours. internet has become the most used to market music in the world. An upload will change your life forever. A lot of ordinary people had life success because of internet. and thanks to their determination and perseverance that they are able to make it.

Many people around the world has become one of the most idolize now because of the internet. it’s their way of easy success. their songs been known because of different platforms. See how much internet has caused in someone’s life? a lot of people reached their dreams instantly. Many people in the world has change their life. Music is really remarkable to everyone. with it people can relate what they are going through. A good music will eventually get on top in just a week. if you are just an ordinary people and want to be known in the industry if music, your first step to market could be internet.

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You should approach people softly

One of the most important in life is being able to have a feeling for other people. Respect is a big thing we have to follow. It’s the most expensive trait a person should have. Being soft to people is a must do. You would never say things that make a person feel bad about themselves. Always strive your best that you won’t be able to make other people sad. A lot of us sometimes can’t hold our horses to get mad with someone especially if we are going through a lot. And sometimes we regret it in the end. Raising our voice to people can affect them a lot. We never know that they are going through a bad day and we just add it up. No matter how bad our day was or mad, it’s not right to make other people experienced it. There’s a lot of toxicity and negativity in this world and I hope we don’t add it up. We have to take note that life is not that easy and people have problems too. The problem is what we experience today some time we blame it to people around us. We have to balance things out and see how things went wrong. it’s not fair that we keep making other people life miserable just because our life is miserable too.

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Being gentle to people can bring sunshine to their life. You never know that they way you are treating them gives them a hope that someone is still believing in them. What you show to people sometimes affect in many aspect. the more you are being kind and generous, the more you see the beauty of the world. sometimes we have to understand that life is unfair and it’s not in our hands to give punishment to people. No matter what they did to us or make us mad because of their actions, before making a move or being so hard to them you have to give yourself a time to sync in everything. in that way you are being calm to handle the problem. you have to understand that other people feelings are so fragile and even a small act of rudeness can broke their heart. Being gentle means the world to some people. Maybe you are the one they find peace in their life. Being gentle gives other people the chance to strive hard because you are there for them.

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And see how being gentle change the world. This world is now full of fake and pride people. The rich live well while the poor becomes a lot poorer. Do you ever get the chance to think why they never go up? Because their mind is fix that society is harsh and they will never be respected at all. Being gentle to them makes them feel that they exist. You have to give that softness in them. let us help each other to live in a fair and just world.

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Marriage proposal that you shouldn’t do.

it’s always a stressful thing to deal with proposing to someone. it takes a lot of planning and time to make it work. that’s why it would be nice to have confidence in it and avoid the common mistakes that a lot of people do when they are proposing to someone. it’s a lifelong decision that needs a lot of time and planning to make things work. it would be best to have a hundred per cent certainly and not do it half-heartedly because that might just be the worst thing that could happen when it comes to proposing with someone. the problems that a lot of people go through that can ruin any proposal is to listen to too much people. they will always have a different take on what is right.

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But relying on people’s opinions too much would mean that it will be a disaster at the end of the day. Proposing to someone needs to come from the heart and when there is too much nonsense that is added to it then there would be so much problems that can come out of it. listening to what other people have to say is not a bad thing. but believing all of it is just not going to work. they are not the one who will spend the rest of their lives with your woman. it would really be nice to come from the person who wants to do it. that’s when there is too much complications that would happen.

Because there is too much thinking that is involved. there is never going to be a perfect proposal. There is always going to be something that can turn up wrong at the end of the day. There is always going to be set backs that would happen. and when there is too much thinking that is involved that is when there is a lot of room to go wrong. simplicity is not a bad thing even in doing a life time choice like proposing to someone. trying to do too many things at once might not be impossible. it can take a man away from the true goal of proposing to someone. and that is to make that day unforgettable and special. when the goal is to impress other people then the less it would be meaningful. a lot of people nowadays just want to please other people.

but it could expose a lot of problems that it needs to be. because when the goal is to impress other people at the same time as proposing to a lady. she might not become the centre of attention but to other people. they are not really important when it comes to proposing. what matters is her answer and that she would spend the rest of her life with the guy that popped the question to her. it does not have to be for other people which would just end up in regrets in the future.

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Mistakes to avoid in Dating

Dating is one of the crucial stages in a relationship. You have to think about what you have to do before making a move. Being with someone special is kind of nervous especially if it is your first time. It’s very important that you know what to do when you are in a dating stage. Making your partner feels good is your number one priority. Always know that your actions reflect on you. Never make anything that can be a barricade to your growing love. Dates are the first thing of knowing each other. If you want to have blooming connections, be at your own best during this dating time.

A great relationship starts when you fully known a person don’t make these mistakes in dating: especially in terms of food. One of the best thing in life is having someone that keeps you happy all the time. If you want someone to be part of you, always know things about them.

Below are some mistakes during a date.

Being conscious

Sometimes men usually get conscious a lot on how they look. When you are too curious in everything you do and say you are not being you. You can’t do things right at all. The things you have imagined might not happen at all. Stop thinking about how things work for you and your partner. Just go with the flow and enjoy things together.


Sometimes when we want to impress our date partner, we forget that we are becoming over in things we say or do. We always says about our success, money and everything about ourselves and that is a biggest mistake after all. Always know that sometimes hearing it is not good at all. Your partner might think that you are boastful and could not be a good partner in the future.


First dates must be special and stop acting like you are flirting with someone else. Always prioritize with your date and stop looking at other girls. Remember that your actions are well observed during first date.

Using of cellular phones

Sometimes to avoid awkwardness we tend to use our celohone to skip that part. But instead of talking about your girl, your time is wasted to gadgets. Dates must be special, and holding on your celphone is not a good sign at all.


Of course it’s a first date; always know that being too fast on first dates isn’t a good sign at all. You have to earn your partners trust and in that way you can have her easily. Never make any moves that make you look like rude. Respect your girl always.

Talk smartly

You know that women always wanted to be with a man who talks smart than a man who looks good. Being smart is a catchy thing. It makes them feel that they are safer with you. When you are smart it looks like that there is something in you that can be taken away. And many women loves it at all.

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Top 5 Most Popular Martial Arts Actors Born in the UK

Scott Edward Adkins

He is a very talented actor who has been in popular action films like Undisputed and Undisputed 2. His action style is intense and very serious. He first acted in Hong Kong, where he honed his skills as an actor and began a humble career as a Martial artist. He gained experience by the top Hong Kong artist at the time, and that is when a big break is started to happen, in 2000 he was offered the first major film in his life. He worked his way to a few scenes in hit TV shows. That is when he developed the image of a tough person who does not say much as a fighter; hence, Boyka was created. He is a tough prisoner who has a perfect sense of justice and does not need money in life.

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Gary Edward Daniels
He is an English man who is not just an expert in martial arts but acting and producing. His experience with martial arts runs deep within his veins because he does not only act he has been through real high-level competition and became a champion. He has become a legend in England because of the victories that he has made in his kickboxing career. He went into the United States to pursue his career as a martial artist and became a successful one. He won 33 battles and became a legend in the scene. That is when he started his first few roles in the movie industry, which significant. It is hard to deny his talent as an actor in martial arts as he is a champion in real life.

Raymond Park
A legend, especially in the nineties, was featured in popular films that have given birth to a cult following. He has been if a few original Star Wars movies. The ad, his career does not end there. He is also in American classic films like in GI Joe and x men. He is born in Scotland in a tiny town. But that did not stop him from pursuing an outstanding career even though it was close to impossible to achieve it in the first place at that time. His passion for martial arts was made him a fan of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Sophia Crawford

She is a martial artist and is well known in her career as a great stunt double showing off his high-level skills in viral films. She is very popular in the Philippines and recognized as a master in fighting scenes in original movies like power rangers.

Adrian Paul Hewett

He is a very charitable person who has appeared on popular TV seriously like the high lander. He is born in England, but his career did not start only in acting, but he was an excellent choreographer and a dancer. He is a very athletic and capable person.

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how to maintain a conversation with women

There are plenty of scenarios where it is difficult to talk to a woman, especially if a guy has a romantic motive. It adds a layer to the difficulty sometimes rather than speaking to a woman plainly without any romance. But the general rule would be to keep a conversation going. Even though it might be tough to think of a topic sometimes. It is crucial to avoid an awkward moment with someone, especially for the first few moments. It is not going to be a big deal all of the time, especially when there are still lots of opportunities ahead, and a guy knows it. A cute impression cam starts with the ability to talk loosely to a person and not give off negative energy that might put her on alert. It’s not always easy to do, especially when it comes to men who are not experienced when it comes to dating.

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the next level of conversation 

there are still topics that can give a dull vibe, and it can be a giant turn off to a lady. General issues might feel like the way to go. But it is a common thing to ask where you are from, especially when it is still the first moment that she is having a conversation with a guy. Most of the time, the answer would feel forced, and it would be hard to bounce back when it gets to that point. It is a struggle to have to keep on answering annoying questions all of the time. It is hard to find a man who thinks very quickly when it comes to conversing with a lady and instantly pique her interest. It is a rare trait to have, but it is a skill that can always be achieved or have a little bit of training and development.

failure and humiliation

an active person who always is on the hunt when it comes to ladies can still struggle, but it would be essential to note that to become better at speaking to women. Taking on failure is always going to be part of the story. It is not going to be an easy conversation all of the time. Some try is just in the wrong time and the wrong place, and not all people can do it correctly. Even though some failures only cause too much humiliation on a guy sometimes. It is still very important to let go of the pain and think of it as a game. There is always going to be a winner and a loser. Sometimes it’s just hard to put oneself out there because the last try was a giant failure. A man can always think to stop trying anymore and learn to accept the terms of reality. But it is not an excellent option to have, especially if a guy dreams of being good at talking to women.

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