Growers Guide

Growers Guide The following information offers an introduction to the planning, planting, management, and harvesting of your Haskap crop, whether for a commercial scale operation or a home garden. Growing Regions With many cultivars originating from Russia and Japan, these deciduous shrubs are regionally suited to throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere. Due to their incredible frost tolerance and extreme hardiness, Haskap plants have the potential to thrive in most Canadian regions as well as the northern part of the United States. Specifically, they can grow in plant hardiness zones of 1a and warmer. It has been reported that shrubs […]

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Nutritional Benefits of Camerise Berries

Nutritional Benefits Though relatively new to North America, these unique berries have long been celebrated in Japan and Russia.Noted for their remarkable taste, nutritional value, and therapeutic properties, Haskap offer incredible health benefits that will undoubtedly capture the attention of North American consumers. Haskap berries contain higher levels of total phenolics than wild lowbush blueberries and Saskatoon berries. In addition to their extremely high antioxidant capacity (exceeding blueberries), Haskap are very high in Vitamin C and contain high levels of potassium, Vitamin A and dietary fibre. Research continues into the beneficial components of these super berries and suggests that Haskap possess anti-inflammatory […]

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Why Grow Haskap?

Haskap berries are gaining recognition in the North American market after being celebrated for generations as “the elixir of life” by Japanese Ainu aborigines. Beyond the nutritional benefits and appealing taste to consumers, Haskap present many advantages to growers at any scale. Phytocultures’ varieties and breeding efforts in particular intend to maximize the beneficial properties and production efficiencies, including superior hardiness, yield, taste, ease of harvest, and growth performance. Haskap berries: Are widely adaptable to all soil types, tolerant of pH levels from 4.5 to 8.5, extremely cold hardy and frost tolerant, pest and disease resistant, suited to organic production, […]

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